Friday, April 2, 2010


I know these aren't the prettiest pictures, but I had to snap them quickly before my family dug in and discovered my trick! The "cupcake" is meatloaf with whipped potato topping that I colored with food coloring. The "mini doughnut" is a bagel with Laughing Cow Lite Swiss Cheese (which is quite tasty by the way!). I prepared the meal without any of the kids around so that the trick wouldn't be spoiled. I had my husband take the kids into their room to play while I plated everything. Allie, my 4 year old was the first one out when I called them to dinner. She was speechless when she saw her plate full of "dessert". Her eyes said it all! I almost felt bad that she was going to be so disappointed! Adria, my 7 year old could hardly wait to get her hands on it. She looked at me like this was her dream come true and I was the best mom ever! Brett was even pretty curious, so he sneaked a finger into the "frosting" to see what it could possibly be. I told them just for once I was letting them have dessert for dinner, but I had to throw on some broccoli to make it a little healthier. I reminded them it was April Fool's day, but then sat down to eat without saying anymore. I watched out of the corner of my eye at Adria as she licked the "frosting" and took a second before she said, it's not very sweet. Allie took a bite of the "doughnut" and looked at it strange. I then yelled, "April Fools!". Being so young, they didn't totally get the concept of April Fools, but it was fun anyway. I gave this idea to my sister to try and things didn't go so smoothly for her; her little boy ended up in tears over it! I served dessert later in the evening. I thought maybe the kids wouldn't fall for it, but they did! I told them we were having fish sticks and mashed potatoes with gravy. Even though they said, "Aw, but we want something else", they still took a bite and were pleasantly surprised to find the "fish sticks" were actually sugar wafers coated with peanut butter and dipped in crushed graham crackers. The "mashed potatoes" were made from vanilla ice cream and caramel topping. For once, something went as planned!

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Shari said...

Oh my gosh!!! This has to be the cutest idea ever! See once again, your cute creative idea, I love! I never heard about this, and I for sure didnt hear about Kim and who? Jake? Or Gabe? haha I love it!!!