Friday, July 23, 2010


Smoothies have become a frequent breakfast around our house for the past year or so. We have tried all kinds of combinations, but just recently tried adding spinach and other greens. My kids even know that spinach is in it most of the time, but they can't detect it so they love it! This combination of fruits was especially good; almost like soft ice cream! I know the color isn't the most appetizing, but one sip and you won't care what color it is! I tend to not measure anything when I throw a smoothie together, so I'll give approximates, then you can adjust according to your preference for taste, texture and thickness. I usually add some yogurt, but didn't in this one and it was plenty creamy because of the banana and protein powder. If you omit one or both of those ingredients, you'll probably wan to add some vanilla or plain yogurt.

(makes approx. 5 cups)

3 wedges (triangles) of seedless watermelon, cubed
1 medium banana
2-3 handfulls frozen strawberries
2-3 handfulls frozen mango
2 scoops vanilla protein powder (optional)
1 C. (or more depending on consistency) skim milk and/or water (I used a combo of water and milk)
Large handful baby spinach

Blend in blender until smooth, adding more liquid as necessary.
In my opinion, this doesn't need any added sweetener, but if you like, you can add some sugar or honey.

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