Tuesday, April 26, 2011


My hubby and I just got back from Vegas a few days ago. I can't say much for Vegas itself, but the food...we ate a LOT! We stayed at Aria hotel, which was pretty swanky, but the real "eye candy" was the Jean Pierre Patisserie on the casino floor. Look at these goods, all made of chocolate! Yes, even those huge flowers were made of pure chocolate.

After a few days at the Aria hotel, we switched to THE Hotel at Mandalay Bay, where we found THE BEST Mexican restaurant ever! Border Grill This was not your ordinary Mexican restaurant (at least not from where I live!) It's described as "modern mexican" and is owned by two ladies who were on Bravo's Top Chef Master's. That's what really sold me on trying out their restaurant over others. Now if I can just duplicate those sweet corn tamales, I'll be in heaven, and I'm in luck cause I found their recipe on their website. Yay!

Appetizer Tray: Green Corn Tamale, Beef Brisket Taquito, Plantain Empanada

Chunky Guac, and not too spicy...just the way we like it!

Marlin Tacos (My hubby said they were good. I wouldn't know since I don't like fish :)  )

And of course...dessert! Tres Leches Cake with Passion Fruit and Prickly Pear Sauce

Then there was the Aria Buffet where we stuffed ourselves with a late breakfast consisting of cookies, fruit, eggs, pancakes, and a lot of etc, etc., Lemongrass Thai, where I convinced my hubby to order a duck dish that totally upstaged my pork satay big time! And then there was an Italian place that wasn't so great, oh well, can't win them all; especially in Vegas ;)

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