Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Here is a last minute, but very useful holiday gift idea. I bought a recipe magazine at Sam's Club that was specific to using ground beef. I get all my beef from my brother in law who raises cows, so I have a large stash in my deep freeze. I just attached a couple pounds to the magazine with a tag saying: "What's for Dinner?" During the holiday's we hear this a lot; so here's the beef to use in your pot!  I adapted the idea from one I got here, where there's also the suggestion to attach the tag to a frozen lasagna or other dish. The saying would then change from, so here's the beef to use in your pot!, to, so heat this [lasagna] until it is hot! 
I love that it's something different than sweets this time of year, and who wouldn't love free meat? Other than a vegetarian : )

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