Saturday, November 3, 2012


It's really been over a year and a half since I last posted about things I'm loving? Well, I've grown to love these things over the past while and I hope you'll give them a try if you haven't already. This is all just my true opinion. No paid advertisement here : )


This has become my "go-to" juice box for the kids. A little spendy? Yes, but luckily my Sam's Club stocks them so it doesn't hurt the wallet quite as much as buying in smaller packs. Well worth it if you ask me with with only 6-7grams of all natural sugar per box and 1 full fruit/veggie serving. I love that there's veggie juice in these, but you'd never know it from the taste.


Here's a stand-by cereal in our house. We don't eat a lot of cereal cause my kids really prefer pancakes or oatmeal for breakfast, but in a pinch, I pull out the convenience foods! Puffins comes in a variety of flavors, but peanut butter and honey rice are the top choices in our household. I love that they are not overly sweet; my  kids don't confuse breakfast for dessert when they are eating this, but there are no complaints either! 


I've fallen in love with using soft white wheat flour in my baked goods! It bakes up so soft and smooth, you'd hardly know it was wheat. It's kind of hard to find in my area other than at a specialty kitchen store and more expensive than hard white wheat, but if you reserve it for strictly muffins, pancakes and cookies, etc. it will last a while. I ended up finding it online in bulk and that saved me quite a bit. I grind it fresh and store it in a gallon storage bag in the fridge because it doesn't have as long of a shelf life as hard wheat. 


Date sugar, along with the soft white wheat makes for a pretty tasty muffin! I have been using date sugar for a few years now and absolutely love it! Again, it's expensive, but when used in moderation it will last a while. I usually combine it with other sugar or sweetener called for in a recipe to a. save $ and b. reduce the processed sugar content in the recipe. It gives a flavor similar to brown sugar in my opinion. I love that it's nothing but ground up dried dates, so sugar yes, but it's all natural! And, like a lot of other things, it's hard to find in my area so I have my mom always grab me some when she heads south to her second home in Southern Utah!


And, my VERY favorite at the moment; coconut butter. Who knew you could turn coconut into "butter"? It's a mild coconut flavor, but with a dry-ish buttery texture. Hard to just HAVE to try it! I love eating it smeared on a banana, then dip the banana into granola and take a bite. YUM YUM! This is another product I have my mom pick up for me when she's down south. Even if you're not a huge coconut lover I think you'll like this for a change!

I'd love to know what you think of these items and the different ways that you use them!

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